Q) How and who do I book my cruise with?


A)   When you book your cruise most people are looking for the best deal and are mislead by thinking going direct with the cruise line they will get the best deal that is not the case has with most cruise lines you will get the same price as if you use a travel partner ( Travel agent) in fact with US  you will get a better deal as we have ways of saving you the consumer money.


Q) Why Should I use a Travel Agency/Agent


A) With Using US as your travel agency of Choice, not only will you have that personal travel agent in our office that will help and guide you the whole step of the way in which the agent will give you a direct email address and Phone Instead of you having to call a center that will pass you around, and Plus you having to deal with the wait time to get through to someone. When you book with us that is our job not yours.


Q) If a problem occurs with my Booking 


A) Now most cruise lines cherish there travel agency partners as this is still about 75% the way they fill their ships, So with that said if a problem occurs with your booking while we are your travel agent we will be right on top of the issue to get resolved instead of if you book direct your issue being Put on the back of the pile for them to resolve.


Q) How are payments processed 


A)When you book with us whether it is online or by talking to one of our travel agents your payment is given directly to the Cruise line to process We do not process any credit cards in house. With that being said we do suggest if using a non US or Canadian  credit card to inform your bank of the charge in USD or CAD dependent on how you are booking and make sure you give them the name of the cruise line that will be processing the credit card.


Q) How does online bookings work


A) With booking through our website we have a live feed to the cruise lines inventory so if you confirm a cabin at the end once confirmed you will be given a confirmation # in turn that will take the cabin out of inventory and a confirmation for your cruise purchase will be sent to you.


Q) Once booked online who do I contact


A) Once you have a confirmation from your online reservation this will also send a confirmation to our agency which in turn an agent will be dedicated to you and will email you to introduce them self’s.


Q) Once booked online how do I claim any discounts or onboard credits your agency offers 


A) There are 2 ways for you to claim your discounts 

1) you can download the form from the website fill it in and send back to us


2) You can call us or talk to the agent assigned to you and they will add any necessary discounts. 



Q) How Do I receive my documents (Boarding pass) for my cruise 


A) Now a days most cruise lines have gone paperless so you will receive E docs d by going on the cruise lines website and registering and filling out your guest registration, yes there are some cruise lines that still send documents. These are sent to our office 30-45days before your sailing then we send the documents to you.


Q) How can I check pricing on Sure excursions and drink packages 


A) Once you make a reservation our agent will send you to the cruise lines website to register where you can do your guest check in, search and purchase your drink packages shore excursions, and much more  ( this is where you can over see your booking at your leisure) 


Q) What Visa are required to Travel


For US and Canadian Residence/Citizens 


Traveling to Russia or China Visas are required and in most cases there will be an additional cost as most cruise lines will not provide these visas. When it comes to visa we can not get into details has we are not specialist in this feld we have to recommend you contact a specialist we use http://www.genvisa.com or you can contact the Embassy.


 For Non US or Canadian Residence/citizens


We have to recommend you talk to a specialist in your country or contact your embassy 


Q) What documents are required for a US Citizen to take a Caribbean cruise 


A) If you are a US citizen or Green card holder of the USA you only need to use your green card or Birth Certificate and State ID, so long as the cruise leaves and returns to the same port in the USA. If you are for instance on a panama canal cruise that leaves from Miami – Los Angles you will need to have a Passport  as your cruise leaves from one USA port  and arrives in a different US Port in the USA.