Cruiseosity is an online travel agency based in Florida, We have been around since 2015 we are here to offer  our knowlage to help you book your next vacation whether its a cruise, tour ,hotel or air fare  even though the agency has been around for a short time the owner CEO Adam Barnes has been in the industry for over 25 years. With Cruiseosity we are a Family owned travel agency With The CEO 100% involved with all clients and no matter how big the company grows the owner/CEO will always be available to talk to you.  What is Unique about Cruiseosity our service is top notch with what we call our white glove service READ BELOW ABOUT WHITE GLOVE SERVICE. 


Our goal at Cruiseosity is to have you and your friends become part of our family by giving you the best experiance while booking your travel and while on your travels. With that said Cruiseosity works with all the Vendors to get the best discounts and promotions for our family (YOU) with promotion as high as 70% off  . Plus with most family members (You) We will provide you a gift for your vacation which the vendors would not offer you.



Our White glove service consist of the following 

You get a personal travel specialist that will stay with you from the time you book to the time you return home from your travels and hopefully future travels. With that personal travel consultant they are required to give you a cell # to directly call/text them . we suggest you download there # in to your WHATS APP (APP) before you travel for if any emergancy that may occure. With you having there cell # you can always be reasured that you have someone there for you and not waiting for sometimes hrs to talk to a call center.


There are 3 ways you are assined a travel specialist  

1) If you call to talk to someone in our office that specalist as they have started to bond with you will be your personal travel specialist 

2) If you Email us a Quote request or a general email your travel specialist that we assign will be in contact with you within 24hrs.

3) if you make a booking online you will still get a personal travel specialist that will be assigned to you and will contact you within 24hr after making the booking to welcome you to the family and to make sure everything goes smoth with your reservation.  



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